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Superstars and important business people regularly enjoy this luxury – but for most people it’s only a dream: to fly in the business jet one day! Independent of fixed flight plans and departure locations, it takes off whenever it’s needed – there’s no dreary queueing at the check-in desk. However, you don’t have to belong to the ranks of the high-flyers to take off in the modern business aircraft from the siku fleet. Its undercarriage with rubberised wheels can be extended and retracted for take-off and landing. Its plastic fuselage is red, and the wings and tail unit are black. The aircraft has seven LED lights whose locations and flashing frequency are based on the original, i.e. one landing light and one white rear position light, two red flashing position lights beneath and on the aircraft, a green position light on the right hand wing tip, and a red position light on the left hand wing tip. This means that you can take off spontaneously and without restriction at any time – at least in the playroom!3x LR44 batteries included


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