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  • B.BOX – Replacement Sport Spout Silicone Pack

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    B.BOX – Tritan Drink Bottle Replacement Straw Top Pack

  • Drink in the Box – Seal & Straw Kit

  • MontiiCo – Lid

  • MontiiCo – Mega Bumper

  • MontiiCo – Mini/Original Bumper

  • MontiiCo – Silicone Straw Set (Fruity Pop)

  • MontiiCo – Stainless Steel Straw Set (Original)

  • MontiiCo – Stainless Steel Straw Set (Rainbow)



Sip, Smile, and Stay Hydrated

You can’t be there all the time to protect your child but making smart choices, such as getting these Vero Junior Kids Straws & Lids can go a long way in keeping them safe. We have made sure that every straw is carefully crafted using high grade materials that don’t contain any harmful chemicals. The easy use spill proof lids make drinking more fun for kids while minimizing spills and cleanups for parents.

Sustainable Kids Straws for the Modern Family

Sustainability is an essential aspect of modern living today and we at Vero Junior aspire to play an active role through our offerings. Our commitment echoes through products like kids Straws & Lids – meticulously crafted with eco friendliness as its core value proposition. When you opt for our reusable straws and lids for your childs’ consumption needs. You’re taking a considerable step towards lowering single use plastic waste while ensuring their comfort and happiness simultaneously.

Explore our amazing selection of Kids Drink Bottles, Kids Cutlery and Washable Silicone Placemats, specially created to make lunchtime a breeze for your little one.