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OmieBox V2 – Choice of 5 Colours


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A hot & cold bento box that makes lunches irresistible!The stylish Omiebox is the first insulated bento box to reach the market. Allowing you to store food at 2 separate temperatures with the hot/cold insulated food jar and the sectioned lunchbox.


Finally – you can send your little one’s favourite meals to school and be confident that it’ll look and taste great. Your little ones will eat better and healthier, and you’ll be happy knowing you’re providing them with the best nutrition to fuel their day.


OmieBox uses two types of insulation in order to store hot & cold food together. At the heart of the design is a powerful vacuum insulated thermos. It’s made of two walls of stainless steel with the air sucked out in between so heat can’t escape. It can keep food warm for up to 5 hours, perfect for hot lunch.

Note:  If you are placing cold food in both the thermal jar and lunchbox it is recommended to store the lunchbox in a fridge or lunch bag.  If you are placing hot food in the thermal jar and room temperature items in the rest of the lunchbox it is recommended to leave the lunchbox out of the fridge.  If you are placing hot food in the thermal jar and cold food in the rest of the lunchbox it is recommended to separate the thermal jar and place the lunchbox in a fridge or lunch bag and leaving the thermal jar on the bench or in your backpack.


OmieBox is designed even for our youngest users. One key design feature is the oversized handle – it’s easy to grab, perfect for young children who are still developing fine motor skills. Lids open and close easily, so your little ones can be independent at school. You never need to worry about lunches coming home uneaten because your little one couldn’t open the box.  Unlike most food jars that are deep and narrow, the bowl is wide and shallow, so kids can easily scoop food out. Plus it’s easy to clean. For maximum performance, preheat or pre-chill the insulated container prior to use by filling with hot/cold water. Let stand for 5 minutes if using boiling water, empty and fill with your contents and place the lid straight back on.


The insulated lunchbox can hold liquids, the rectangular long and short compartments can hold wet foods but not watery liquids (such as salad dressing, watermelon, etc). The square compartment (that holds the insulated container) can only hold dry foods, if you wish to put liquids in the square section you will need to use the thermal jar, OmieDip or a separate container.


Total Weight approx. 800g with Vacuum Insulated Container

Total Weight approx. 560g without Vacuum Insulated Container

Materials: 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel

BPA Free

Phthalate Free Plastic

Food Grade Silicone


Dimensions (cm): 21.6 W x 19.05 L x 7.6 D

Long Compartment: 16oz / 473ml

Short Compartment: 10oz / 296ml

Square Compartment: 21oz / 621ml

Insulated Container: 8.5oz / 251ml


Use warm, soapy water to wash. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers. Do not use bleach or cleaners containing chlorine.

Hand wash only.  Not dishwasher safe, the heat drying cycle may effect and warp this product.

This product is not microwave safe.

Please note: Bento lunch boxes which are ‘leakproof’ are only leakproof for thicker yogurts, custard, purees and dips.  No leakproof lunchbox on the market is water tight or suited to runny or watery liquids.  If you wish to pack runny liquids, we suggest a reusable pouch or a condiments container.

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Blue Sky, Meadow, Pink Berry, Purple Plum, Scooter Red, Sunshine



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