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Aquabeads – Ocean Splash Scene Kit


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Aquabeads is the Original Water-Activated Bead Craft Kit! Since 2004, children throughout the world have created millions of Aquabeads designs.

Following the template sheet, place the beads onto the tray to create your design. Shiny Beads included in this set are perfect to add glittery and shimmering feels to your Aquabeads creations! Using the sprayer, spray water onto the beads to make them magically stick together! When the bead creations are completely dried after 60 minutes, carefully take the creation off from the tray and decorate onto the creation display with design pegs. Creation display instantly becomes a great display for your favorite Aquabeads creations!

Ages 4 +

The Ocean Splash Scene set comes with 1500 solid, jewel, polygon and star beads in 29 colors, layout tray, sprayer, creation display, design pegs, template sheet with instructions.

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