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MontiiCo - Spring Bouquet Set


Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Brighten up your own day with this Spring Bouquet set!

This set include includes:

1 x MontiiCo Insulated Tote Bag - Wildflower
1 x MontiiCo Mega Bottle - Dusty Pink
1 x MontiiCo Mega Bumper - Plum

MontiiCo Insulated Tote Bag - Wildflower
Meet Wildflower Tote Bag Big enough to fit EVERYTHING in one bag, she's your new best bud! Take our Wildflower Tote Bag with you everywhere and let her be your reminder to stop and smell the flowers! Work bag, beach bag, picnic bag - you name it, she's got you covered. Feeling snackish? Only fresh will do? Easy! This tote is insulated too! #letsgo
MontiiCo Mega Bottle  - Dusty Pink
Meet Dusty Pink Mega.
Sweet like candy, he might look charming but he'll cool those rosy cheeks in one swift gulp. He is made for those with a craving for thirst - MEGA thirst. Let's face it - no one likes to be hot and bothered, so we've made this guy BIG to keep you feeling uber refreshed. When it comes to thirst - size matters.
MontiiCo Mega Bumper - Plum

Drink up and touch down with a soft landing. Our silicone bumper gives your Montii Bottle a strong edge. Slip a Bumper on your Montii Bottle base for a soft landing on hard surfaces. The durable silicone material gives our bottle extra protection against drops, rubs and scuffs. Keeping your Montii Bottle as rad as the day you bought it. Pick up the same Bumper colour as your bottle, or mix and match to put a spin on your usual style – it’s a world of play!