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Siku – Lamborghini Sian Roadster


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The Sin Roadster is the first hybrid super-sport convertible from Lamborghini, with the first super-capacitor hybrid technology in the world, and manufactured from hitherto unique material combinations. No question: This is a MUST for every toy vehicle fleet! At the moment , the massive sound of the 800 HP V12 engine Lamborghinis most powerful engine to date, by the way still has to be imagined, or else imitated when playing. However, the rest of the Sin Roadster model matches the original sports car completely: With its robust metal body and the cool arrow shape, it is a perfect reproduction of the original, and repeats its vibrant metallic turquoise. The sporting look is rounded out by the sleek golden rims, which always provide optimum grip even at maximum speed, thanks to the rubberised tread. The chassis and interior are made of black plastic, and can be seen perfectly through the open roof. The headlights in their typical Y-shape are printed true-to-original, as are the rear lamps.

Ages: 3+

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