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Ravensburger – Disney Bubbles 300 pieces


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Ravensburger Disney Bubbles puzzle is a fun and challenging puzzle that will captivate puzzle enthusiasts of all ages! With 300 pieces, this puzzle depicts a colorful and playful scene of Disney characters surrounded by bubbles. From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, there are plenty of beloved characters to discover in this puzzle. It is perfect for children aged 9 years and above who are looking for a challenging puzzle experience.

Ravensburger puzzles are renowned for their exceptional quality, and this Disney puzzle is no exception. Each piece is made from durable materials and fits together perfectly to create a seamless picture. The puzzle pieces are easy to handle, ensuring that the puzzle can be completed without frustration. Ravensburger puzzles are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is unique and that the final puzzle is a work of art that can be proudly displayed.


Approx 49 x 36 cm

Age 9+

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